trade routes 
Trade routes

Ionian Islands

Corfu, Paxos, Leucas, Cephalonia, Ithaca, Zante, Cerigo


The Ionian Islands lie in central Mediterranean between Italy and Greece with Corfu being the capital city of the region. Their mild climate and abundance of water favour agriculture. The most important agricultural products are olive oil, olives, wine, raisins, honey, beer, dairy, delicatessen, herbs, beens, fruits, vegetables, fruit preserves, ginger beer and soap. Most of the agricultural production is done in small scale and processing is more artisan than industrial. The culture and cuisine of the Ionian Islands are very distinct form those of Greece, as the islands have strong historical ties with Venice and England and the food products are unique in nature and quality.  Innovatia/ Innartis has created and is constantly expanding a network of suppliers in the Ionian Islands in order to trade the highest quality products. 

Trading hubs
Innovatia/ Innartis currently have two trading hubs: London in Northwestern Europe and Corfu in the Mediterranean.
Being one of the two most important global cities, London is a centre of culture, science, innovation and trade. The society is diverse and open to new ideas and products making the city the ideal business location in Europe.
Innovatia/ Innartis has chosen London as its northern hub for trading of goods. 
The island city of Corfu is the capital of the Ionian islands and was the capital of the obsolete Septinsular Republic. Nowadays, Corfu is a cultural centre and a major tourist destination. With a yearly movement of more than 19000 boats and 25000 aircrafts through its ports and airport and a combined movement of 6 million people, Corfu is by far the biggest transportation hub in the Ionian sea. The proximity of Corfu to Italy, Greece and the Balkan peninsula, the good sea connections to their ports, the air connections to more than 50 European cities along with the cosmopolitan atmosphere make Corfu an excellent business hub for central Mediterranean.  
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