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Product quality and on time delivery: prerequisite for customer satisfaction

Innartis sets product standards, searches for medium small size suppliers and technologically supports their production. The innovative coupling of technology and artisan production results in unparalleled quality and hygiene standards.  

The steps followed by Innovatia/ Innartis for launching a new product are:

Developing product standards

For each new product to be traded Innovatia/ Innartis develops its own set of standards based on legislation, food safety and quality. The standards define the properties of the raw materials and of the end products, as well as processing, storage and distribution methods. 

Searching for producers
Consulting & monitoring producers

innovatia/ Innartis provides the suppliers with consulting and monitoring services to assure food safety, maximum quality and minimum environmental impact. The task is assigned to Innovatia/ Biotech Solutions & Quality Designs, which study the processes of each producer and develop the appropriate management systems. 

Innartis focuses on trading artisan foods and other products of biological origin. We reveal the best products of specific geographical regions and we support production and producers by offering scientific and technological assistance and by creating distribution networks.

Innovatia/ innartis establishes trading hubs and routes. 

Trade routes & hubs

innovatia/ Innartis searches in selected geographical regions and draws a list of suppliers that meet, or are close to meeting the given product standards. The candidate suppliers are individually evaluated not only in terms of meeting the set standards, but also of their ability to adapt their practices to potential improvements suggested by Innovatia/ Innartis. The approved establishments are then included in the list of approved suppliers. 

Logistics & distribution

Carefully designed production plans and appropriate consumption forecast carried out using the Innovatia Metis tools assure constant and adequate supply of products. Minimum storage time and fast transportation assure delivery of fresh products.   

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