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Expertise and team work: key to success

Our expertise is in the food and biotechnology industry. Plant design, process optimization, product development, design and application of food safety and quality assurance systems, personnel training are the major areas of Biotech Solutions contribution to the development of the sector. 

Process Design & Optimization

We only need to know what our client wants to produce. Design of processes and facilities, selection of the appropriate machinery and setting up of the production is our business. 

Food Safety & Quality Assurance Systems

If product quality is desired, food safety is a must. Our team analyses the client's products, processing lines and facilities and with the assistance of our Metis tools draws a system for maximum consumer safety and/or product quality. Continuous proper monitoring assures the correct implementation and improvement of the food safety and quality assurance systems.

Our clientele covers a wide spectrum of activities, such as beer, alcoholic beverages and oils & fats manufacturers, honey processors, dairy industries, catering units, bakeries, super market chains and hotels. 

Product Developement

Developing a new product can be a difficult task. Our experts will run laboratory tests and plant trials, conduct all necessary tests and statistically analyse collected data to obtain the optimum composition and process parameters for best results.

Personnel Training

Personnel training is essential for a successful operation. In order to provide the best training services we have developed the specialised "Edunet" activity through which, we provide customised classes and on the spot training that suits the needs of each client. Careful evaluation of the needs and analysis of the training results assures optimum outcome.


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