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Who we are

Innovatia Ltd aims at introducing novel approaches with minimal environmental impact to industrial challenges. Innovatia is the product of the merger of  several pre-existing  activities. As such, Innovatia uses all experience gained as a solid foundation to stand on and to conceive and  build new pathways in the service industry. 

Our firm focuses on developing and implementing novel ideas and concepts that assist our customers to excel. We offer services to a variety of industries; some examples are:

  • food & biochemical industry,

  • catering units,

  • hotels,

  • retail,

  • service providers (tourism, etc),

  • construction,

  • fabrication.  

Branches of operation

To better handle the diverse challenges we have developed five branches of operation:

Biotech Solutions: Biological Sciences & Engineering

Quality Designs: Quality Systems & Management

Edunet: Training & E-Learning

Innartis: Networking in Production & Distribution - Logistics

Metis: Forward-Thinking Tools











Dr Ioannis Vradis [CV]

Director: Dr Ioannis Vradis

"Forward thinking is intrinsic to Innovatia and employment of technological advancements and novel ideas and concepts is the practical expression of this.

The diversification of Innovatia services is based on its underlying philosophy that advancement is better achieved by constantly creating and reshaping networks of experts depending on the targets and needs of each project. Together with the client, we custom form and energise the most suited team to address each particular challenge; we are able to achieve this, because our firm is dynamic and flexible. We have created and we continuously update networks of experts delivering each time the correct task to the correct person."

Ioannis Vradis, PhD


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Innovatia Ltd, London

Registered Office: Thorne Lancaster Parker, 4th Floor, Venture House, 27-29 Glasshouse Street, London, W1B 5DF, UK

Registered in England & Wales, No: 10798134

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